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Whole School Whole Community Whole Child Model

Whole School Whole Community Whole Child Model Infographic

Explanation of Change from CSHP to WSCC Model

The Coordinated School Health (CSH) approach has been used nationwide to integrate health-promoting programs, policies, and practices in the school setting. The CSH approach has been expanded to the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model. This new model puts more emphasis on the psychosocial and physical environments and incorporates the growing role of community and family involvement. Furthermore, the WSCC model includes 10 components, including the splitting of two CSH components, Healthy and Safe School Environment and Family/Community Involvement, to create four distinct components.

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Description of the WSCC Model

Overview of the WSCC Model

Expansion of the CSH Model

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Components of the WSCC Model

Health Education

Nutrition Environment and Services

Employee Wellness

Social and Emotional Climate

Physical Environment

Health Services

Counseling, Psychological and Social Services

Community Involvement

Family Engagement

Physical Education and Physical Activity


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